2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Baseball Box Breakdown and Breakdown

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Fleer launched the Focus brand during the 2000 MLB season. This set included several sight-themed inserts including Focal Point, Future Vision, and Focus Pocus. “Jersey Edition” was added to the name after two years.

2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Baseball includes a 180-card base deck, which includes a short printed Prospects subset. Notable names there include Victor Martinez, Hideki Matsui, Mark Teixeira, and Chase Utley.

The set lives up to its Jersey Edition name, featuring four different Relic Sets used in the game, in addition to a few crafted Relic Sets that used jersey material (unused or worn). The good news is that the checklists are short and loaded with well-known players.

2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 7
Packages per box: 24
Price paid: $ 39

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Top of the box:

Oversized materialist Adam Dunn. These are also found in autographed versions, with only Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, and Reggie Jackson appearing on the autograph checklist.

Strengths of pack 1:

Bernie Williams, Bartolo Colon, Gary Sheffield, Johnny Damon & Carlos Delgado Franchise Focus (1 of 4 packs)

Colon pitched for eleven different teams during a 21-year big-league career. He pitched 565 matches, winning 247 times.

Pack 2:

Eric Chavez, Carlos Beltran, Jim Edmonds & Jimmy Rollins

Pack 3:

Mo “Hit Dog” Vaughn, Orlando Hudson & Ben Sheets

Orlando “O-Dog” Hudson has won the Gold Glove at second four times in just ten full seasons in the majors.

Pack 4:

Matt Williams, Roberto Alomar and Tim Hudson

Pack 5:

Jeff Kent and Kazuhiro Sasaki

Kaz Sasaki won the AL Rookie of the Year 2000 award at age 32. He finished the season with 37 saves and a 3.16 ERA.

Pack 6:

Lance Berkman, Rafael Palmeiro & Ichiro Suzuki Franchise Focus (1: 4 packs)

Pack 7:

Barry Larkin, Albert Pujols & Troy Glaus Franchise Focus (1: 4 packs)

Glaus has hit 320 home runs in his 13 major league seasons. He led the American League with 47 long balls in the 2000 season.

Pack 8:

Jeff Bagwell, Ichiro Suzuki, Mike Piazza, Larry Walker, Jim Thome & Nomar Garciaparra Team Colors (packs 1:10)

Pack 9:

Scott Rolen, Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter MLB Shirtified Jersey Relic (1: 100 packs)

Derek Jeter racked up 71.3 WARs (wins over substitution) in his 20 major league seasons. Would you be shocked to learn that Scott Rolen finished right behind Jeter in the WAR career? Rolen has totaled 70.1 career WAR, playing three seasons less than Jeter.

Pack 10:

Mark Buehrle & Adam LaRoche Prospects (1: 8 packs)

Pack 11:

Trevor Hoffman, Jason Giambi and Torii Hunter Franchise Focus (1: 4 packs)

Torii Hunter won nine consecutive Gold Glove awards from 2001-2009. He could also hit the bat, racking up 2,452 hits and 353 homers.

Pack 12:

Four launchers; Troy Percival, Roy Oswalt, Barry Zito and CC Sabathia

Pack 13:

Curt Schilling, Edgar Martinez, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Bobby Abreu, Orlando Cabrera and Torii Hunter

The three aces here, Schilling, Johnson and Clemens, combined to win 12 Cy Young awards while winning 873 games and striking out 12,663 batters. They also made 24 saves.

Pack 14:

Moises Alou, Frank Thomas, Derek Lowe and Francisco Rosario Prospects (1: 8 packs)

Pack 15:

John Olerud, Tim Salmon, Ken Griffey, Jr. & Troy Glaus Team Colors (packs 1:10)

Tim Salmon, the original Angels fish, won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 1993 with a .283 strike with 31 homers and 95 RBIs.

Pack 16:

Josh Beckett, Omar Vizquel & Eric Chavez Team Colors Jersey Relic (1:82 packs)

Pack 17:

Prospects JD Drew, Fred McGriff and Mark Teixeira (1: 8 packs)

Mark Teixeira was initially selected out of high school by the Red Sox in the ninth round of the 1998 draft. He chose to attend Georgia Tech instead and was selected fifth overall by the Rangers three years later.

Pack 18:

Miguel Tejada, Ivan Rodriguez, John Smoltz, Nomar Garciaparra & Barry Bonds Franchise Focus (1: 4 packs)

Pack 19:

Mike Lowell, Troy Glaus and Tom Glavine

Mike Lowell finished fifth in the AL MVP vote after his 2007 World Series championship. He finished one place behind his teammate this season, David Ortiz.

Package 20:

Craig Biggio, Mike Mussina, Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez

Package 21:

Chipper Jones, Mark Grace, Kerry Wood, Carlos Delgado, Juan Gonzalez, Andruw Jones & Lyle Overbay Prospects (1: 8 packs)

Overbay hit 0.340 in the minor leagues. Unfortunately, he didn’t do as well against the major league pitchers, at just 0.266.

Package 22:

Alfonso Soriano, Paul Konerko, Barry Bonds & Jeff Bagwell Franchise Focus (1: 4 packs)

Package 23:

Derek Jeter, Vladimir Guerrero and Manny Ramirez MLB Shirtified (packs 1:48)

An offensive category that Vlad Jr. will never catch up with his father, the stolen bases. Vlad Sr. has scored 181 goals in his career, including 40 for the 2002 Expos.

Package 24:

Garret Anderson, Kenny Lofton and Gary Sheffield

Finally, the back of the Vlad card. There’s a lot of empty space on the back of these, obviously depending on how long the player’s career has been up to that point.

It was quite a fun break. I hit all the expected inserts in one box. I also pulled out a Shirtified insert which is typically found in all other boxes. The Shirtified Jersey Relic Throw Card is probably the most important name on a short checklist. All in all, a nice box on this one.

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