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Jupiter Gray exposes its raw, vulnerable and playful sides with its latest EP, “Pressure”.

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Jupiter Gray applies the pressure with his new EP, “Pressure”. LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / – (Los Angeles, CA) January 11, 2022 – Jupiter Gray is releasing their latest EP, “Pressure”, on major platforms. “Pressure” follows Jupiter Gray on a journey of rediscovering his competitiveness in the masculine and transphobic... Read More

Justin Thomas and Kevin Kisner bicker over Alabama vs Georgia football

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Professional golfer Justin Thomas loves his Alabama Crimson Tide. professional golfer Kevin kisner loves his Georgia Bulldogs. The two golfers went back and forth on Twitter Monday about their teams reuniting in the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship game. Monday morning at 10:22 am CT, Kisner tweeted, “You’re ready @ JustinThomas34.” Kisner’s tweet... Read More

Of Louie Barry chasing Fabinho for his shirt, the dirtiest contest ever between Chelsea and Leeds, a signing from Ceefax and a sneaky Arsenal foul that changed the rules

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The FA Cup is arguably the greatest competition in English football when it comes to tradition and memorable moments. Premier League football and the Champions League are now recognized as the pinnacle of club football, but there is no doubt that the FA Cup has provided it over the years. There have been some... Read More