A look at three different Midland food trucks

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In Midland, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. Their convenience, along with their unique dishes, can be a great option for friends and family looking for something different.

Here’s a taste of three options that will be seen around Midland.

TX dog scooter

Scooter Dog TX is a new food truck in Midland specializing in hot dogs. Operated and owned by veterans, this food truck is a tasty option for any Midlander who wants to give back to their community by supporting the local business on wheels while enjoying delicious food.

Greg Gambino, one of the owners of Scooter Dog TX, said his upbringing in New Jersey paved the way for his food truck idea.

“I grew up around hot dog carts and trucks, which was the inspiration for the food truck,” Gambino said.

Scooter Dog TX has only been around for about seven months, but Gambino appreciates the support from various parts of Midland.

“Midland’s food truck community is very friendly and helpful, they’ve been a great source of support,” Gambino said. “All of our customers have been awesome. They’re all willing to try everything we have and the feedback we’ve received has been great.

While offering support and a sense of community, Midland offers nothing but kindness to Gambino.

“I’ve been here for about 30 years and the people in Midland are definitely friendlier than anywhere else,” Gambino said. “They’ll definitely give you the shirt off when it comes to supporting the food truck.”

One of Scooter Dog’s main goals is to provide authentic food to its customers. The food truck offers Viennese beef hot dogs for all of its hot dog items. One of the best sellers, the Chicago Dog, contains tomatoes, relish, onion, celery salt, peppers and pickles.

Additionally, the food truck features the Detroit Hound. This hot dog features the Gambinos award-winning chili that keeps their customers coming back for more.

Customers can use a punch card that awards a free hot dog on their 10th visit, Gambino said.

By visiting their Facebook page, one can find where Scooter Dog TX is set up for the day. Customers can also use their social media to request the food truck for a future event.

Mexico on wheels

Jose Gomez, owner of Mexico on Wheels, also shared how the Midland community has helped his business.

“I am truly grateful to the Midland community. We are there for them and thanks to them; they’re really important,” Gomez said.

Mexico on Wheels, a popular Mexican food truck in Midland, started out selling tamales.

“Once we started selling tamales, we had the food truck and we started doing all these other dishes,” Gomez said. “We specialize in street tacos and authentic Mexican food.”

Some menu items include crispy street tacos, cheesy nachos, and Mexican burgers. Customers can be sure to experience the smells and tastes that Mexico has to offer without having to cross the border.

Mexico on Wheels also offers food from morning to night. Together, their breakfast burritos, lunch plates and dinner options satisfy Midlanders looking for Mexican food any time of the day.

The food truck is unique because it uses an online ordering system for its customers. Customers can arrange to pick up their food or even have food delivered. According to their Facebook, Mexico on Wheels offers mobile ordering.

In addition to its Facebook page, one can visit mexicoonwheelstx.com for a full menu and more information.

Cliff’s Food Cart

Cliff DeArmond, the founder of Cliff’s Food Wagon, said a unique aspect of his food truck is the menu.

“We are not your common food menu. I consider our food to be fun,” DeArmond said.

Indeed, with delicious funnel cakes, often topped with whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, ice cream or chocolate syrup, first time customers shouldn’t be surprised when they return to Cliff’s Food Wagon for the second time. .

Other popular menu items include their savory roast corn, sausages on a stick, and turkey legs.

“I feel like food trucks are as much entertainment as they are food,” DeArmond said.

In the past, the food truck has participated in fun events such as an indoor carnival at Polo Park Estates. DeArmond usually brings its carnival atmosphere to various locations in Midland and Odessa.

Like carnivals, Cliff’s Food Wagon depends on good weather.

“Our biggest challenge as a food truck is the weather. It affects customers and of course how they eat,” DeArmond said. “There’s a great place in West Texas that we can thrive in. That time is early spring and usually lasts until around Thanksgiving week.”

However, when weathering businesses, DeArmond says he’s indebted to his customers because they’ve helped grow his business.

“Midland and the Permian Basin supported us as we grew and it allowed my business to grow,” he said. “Eventually it became my full-time job and allowed me to support my family. They supported us and I am grateful to them.

More information about Cliff’s Food Wagon can be found by visiting its Facebook page.

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