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Abbott: Good things happen with ‘genuine public servants’ in place | Chatham Courier News

By on October 26, 2021 0

CHATHAM TWP. – Kathy Abbott, Democratic Township Committee candidate, asks residents one last time to vote for her on Tuesday, November 2.

Wynwood Road resident, who is challenged by Republican Mark Lois of Gates Avenue for a three-year seat, said in a statement on Sunday, October 24, that many “very good things” have happened in the township and she would like to continue the trend.

She listed the following as examples:

• “Renegotiating the Affordable Housing Agreement to move to Charlie Brown’s former site, not River Road, and including both a veteran preference and three group homes;

• “Providing over $ 1 million in grants to help pay for new HVAC systems for our buildings, police bulletproof vests, cybersecurity protections;

• “Save nearly $ 900,000 by renegotiating expired service contracts;

• “Use the grant money to purchase new lights to be installed at Nash Field to illuminate the baseball fields, basketball court and skating area;

• “Fully finance the Voter Approved Open Space Fund with 2 cents per $ 100 of assessed property value to pay down debt and accumulate funds to be able to purchase more open space;

• “Advancing the township’s environmental heritage by piloting a hybrid electric police vehicle program and winning a grant to provide electric charging stations throughout the township;

• “Work in cooperation with other cities to share a grant of $ 150,000 to explore new and expanded shared services for our Department of Public Works and information technology platforms;

• “Carry out infrared studies on our roads and move on to a list of priorities for resurfacing“ worst-to-first ”roads, as well as a“ worst-to-first ”approach to our stormwater easements more than 50 years to update them standards. “

Abbott said the improvements were the work of “genuine officials” – Democrats and moderate Republicans – focusing on the needs of the township rather than their own political agenda.

“Many of you may know that when I served on the committee from 2012 to 2014, I was a Republican,” she said. “When I was asked to run for this year, I run as a Democrat because the recent work that has been done reflects how I view service to our community.”

She said she hoped voters would see her vision for the future of Chatham Township, which involves managing taxes through “good planning” and “a source subsidy” to keep costs down, seeking input from community members to resolve issues, fixing “what needs to be fixed.” “, by improving recreational facilities, fostering relationships with surrounding towns to share services and protecting the township from over-development.

The governing body should focus on enforcing its zoning ordinances and keep abreast of the master plan to prevent development from spiraling out of control.

“I’m not trying to implement a ‘progressive agenda’ but rather to keep the township, and your property in it, a valuable asset,” Abbott said. “In today’s world, even standing still is like stepping back.

“I ask for your vote on November 2 to continue moving forward together.”

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