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  • As Sabers add Don Granato, two players to Covid protocols, NHL continues | Buffalo Sabers News

As Sabers add Don Granato, two players to Covid protocols, NHL continues | Buffalo Sabers News

By on December 26, 2021 0

Meanwhile, in trying to keep the schedule going, the NHL is implementing measures first reported by Sportsnet to keep the season on track starting Tuesday night.

• Taxi squads are back at least until the All-Star break on February 3. You can have up to six players on them, but the maximum stay for any player is 20 days. There are certain eligibility requirements, including you cannot have been on the roster for at least 75% of the days of the season, nor have played in 16 of a team’s last 20 games until December 22. For capping purposes, they count as players in minors.

• Emergency callbacks will be allowed. Teams can add players to not count on their cap (maximum $ 1 million) if they are likely to dress less than two goalies, six defenders or 12 forwards for a game.

Monday’s 14-game list has been rescheduled so the league can put teams back on a testing schedule on Sunday and know their status. Several reports in Canadian media in recent days have indicated that the league may postpone all games this week and attempt to resume the schedule on January 1 to protect the Winter Classic in Minneapolis between the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues. But as of Sunday evening, there is no indication that this was the case and the schedule will resume Tuesday with four games scheduled.

“My understanding is that every game scheduled now will be played, unless for some reason there is a change,” said New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello, whose team is due to host Detroit on Wednesday before moving on. welcome the Sabers to their new arena. the following night. “Every indication that we have (is) that we will play. We have no indication that we will not play.”