Big change at Route 9 Foam & Wash takes customers by surprise

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Apparently overnight, the Foam & Wash on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie was completely transformed.

Before going on vacation, I stopped by Foam & Wash to vacuum the car and fill my tank for the trip to the beach. When I got back my first stop was to go back to Foam & Wash to get rid of the salt from my car which had been parked by the ocean for two weeks. Arriving at the station, I was surprised by a big change that happened during my absence.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed it or not, but the Mobil Foam & Wash is no longer a Mobil. The blue and white pumps and the canopy have all been changed to yellow and red in honor of the location’s transformation into a Shell station. There has been a flurry of construction at Foam & Wash over the past few months, but it turns out that the renovations are actually unrelated to the changes that have taken place at the pump.

Foam & Wash owner Todd Baright says the change was made for several reasons. As it turns out, Shell has a much more robust rewards program that promises customers “never to pay full price for fuel again.” In addition, Foam & Wash will now be able to allow customers to participate in Stop & Shop fuel rewards, which are now honored at the pump. The owner of Foam & Wash said the changes would not affect the convenience store which includes “the same fantastic team of associates, big smiles and a heartfelt thank you”.

As for the ongoing construction work on the property, Baright revealed that new vacuum cleaners are being installed along with two auto cashiers that will help speed up customer service at the car wash. Changes to the old rear oil drain bay will result in a complete makeover that will turn the space into offices for Foam & Wash.

Baright says the changes are being made to help his company’s mission “to create happy customers” and encourages customers to sign up for Shell Fuel Rewards. The program would take 5 cents off every gallon and offer discounts at local restaurants and businesses.

A new Foam & Wash location is being built a few miles north on the site of the old Coyote Grill restaurant. This location will not offer gas but will include other amenities such as a pet wash.

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