Chase Edmonds ready for bigger role with Arizona Cardinals

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Chase Edmonds has a new jersey number (2) and a new job title (RB1). He likes the jersey number but despises the new career description.

“Honestly, I hate the term RB1,” Edmonds said. “I think for me personally, my first few years coming here, I felt like I was already the kind of short-term deal. I have always felt that in football you get what you deserve. And everyone in this room (running) is going to get and win what they do in training camp.

The addition of free agent James Conner, who spent his first four NFL seasons with the Steelers, should get his fair share of runs in the Cardinals backfield. But it’s Edmonds, the fourth-year Fordham pro, who will have every chance to prove he can be Arizona’s flagship and main running back.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray pretends to hand over to Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds during Cardinals training camp at State Farm Stadium in Glendale on July 30, 2021.

“We will build on their strengths,” said coach Kliff Kingsbury. “James is obviously a bigger back and Chase will have the opportunity to do some great things. We want to make sure that we call games that these two guys are comfortable with when they’re in it and that we adapt them into. somehow.

Edmonds spent most of his first three seasons with the team as a third fullback and a change of pace option behind David Johnson and then Kenyan Drake. External critics have speculated that he might not be able to last a full season as the No.1 running back due to his petite 5-foot-9 stature.

Maybe that’s part of why Edmonds added a few pounds of muscle in the offseason, bulking up his legs and upper body.

“I tried to put on a few pounds and bend over a bit,” he said, adding that the weight gain was only “about two or three pounds. That might not seem like much to a foreigner. , but for me that was enough to get the job done.I’m like about 205 right now.

After getting 60 carries in each of his first two seasons, Edmonds ran the ball 97 times last season for 448 yards and a touchdown. He also had 53 receptions for 402 yards and four touchdowns. His total number of hits is expected to increase dramatically, but he’s shaking.

He is however opposed to the idea that he cannot be “the guy” for an entire season.

“I mean, I guess I have to go and prove it,” he said. “But I’ve missed five games my entire career, which was a hamstring tear that I had in my sophomore year. I’m not really worried about it. I’m more concerned with getting back on my feet. Everything is going to take care of itself and that’s really what I’m looking forward to.

“I’m going to approach him the way I always approach my job and my profession – very pragmatic, come here and be the best ball player I can be and the best teammate I can be.”

It has been suggested that Conner and Edmonds’ combination could be exactly the type of Thunder and Lightning the Cardinals have needed in their backfield for a long time.

“This is super exciting, man,” Edmonds said. “We’ve had conversations like this before, me and him. James is above all a great guy and a great player. I can’t wait to learn more about him as a man and to learn more about him as a football player.

There will be instances, Edmonds said, where fans see Conner and Edmonds line up behind quarterback Kyler Murray at the same time.

“I’m sure we’ll get there,” he said. “We’ve already had some packages like this just in the base install, so I’m sure we’ll see that. I think we’re going to have to figure out who we are as an offensive unit this year very early on. I think that’s something we really struggled with in the second half last year.

The Cardinals identity will feature many Edmonds as both a runner and wide receiver. As for the number of litters and the number of targets it receives, that remains to be determined.

“I’m often asked the question,” he said, “but for me, personally, I don’t think that’s a type of transport. I think it’s a tactile type thing because I feel with my unique ability, whether it’s 15 keys – and it’s 10 staves, five grabs or if it’s 18 keys and it’s nine staves, nine strikes – I think for me going into the open field and finding a way to specialize with my lags with the linebackers is really how I think I’m the best type of football player at this point.

“I’m not going to worry about the staves as much as the keys. I think Coach Kliff is obviously going to specialize in this. We have a lot of talent in attack and we’re going to have to find a way to distribute the wealth a little bit, but again, that’s what makes football so great and a team sport.

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