Cops try to arrest Tyler Matzek because he’s wrong as a fan

By on November 6, 2021 0

During the Atlanta Braves World Series parade on Friday, pitcher Tyler Matzek was a little too excited and decided to run to join the fans as the bus made its way through the crowd. Police in the area, however, did not recognize Matzek as one of the team’s players and attempted to arrest him while he was celebrating.

Running past the bus in a fedora, baseball jersey and jeans, Matzek sticks out like a sore thumb and the poor cops are just trying to do their job. Matzek takes off in a way that makes it look like he’s trying to get away from people, so he looks like a crazy fan when you first watch him charging in front of the huge bus. . What happened after that is hilarity at its best.

Maybe if he was a starting pitcher or a hitter he would be recognized, but relievers don’t get any love, so here we are. Despite being one of the most important pieces for the Braves’ unlikely run in the playoffs to win the championship, unfortunately Matzek is still not recognized in the city in which he plays.

It had a happy ending for all parties involved, as Matzek was quickly identified and allowed to continue his merry ways, but the hilarious footage of the cops attempting to arrest one of the people they were there to protect will live forever. This is what the Internet is for, don’t forget.

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