Difficult change for Strathmere, Deauville Inn | Editorial

By on January 6, 2022 0

We can’t imagine how much the Deauville Inn has experienced in its 140 years of hosting overnight stays, diners, dancers and drinkers on the Jersey Shore.

As its location in the Strathmere section of Upper Town must have been beautiful and remote during its early decades. How wild and lively were the revelers who gathered there during Prohibition, when the isolation apparently made it an ideal sweatshop.

Older people among us probably still think of it as the place where mature, civil and calm people can dine and dance to lounge music.

Many of these coastal inns have seen one final change: shutting down, shaving off and creating a higher value use of the island’s precious property. The Deauville took another direction, bought in 2019 by the founding doctor of Fox Rehabilitation. Major renovations have prepared the monument to serve a new era.

Unfortunately, as the new Deauville welcomed the public, the public was distressed by the restrictions related to the coronavirus and the pandemic. Eating inside was banned and then restricted for months. Like most restaurants that managed to stay in business, it served customers outside – on a patio and under an awning. It worked well and the owners asked the township if they could make some outdoor light fixtures permanent.

Putting customers and the occasional shows outside wore the sound louder and louder. Neighbors began to complain, adding complaints about traffic, too many cars, service too early in the day for the required septic system of all Strathmere properties, and even complaints that the boats and personal watercraft in the bay are too noisy. The Township Planning Council asked Deauville to request approval of a new site plan.

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