Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey retirement: some Mavs fans will get NFT

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But will fans even know they got it? Some of those who have been to Mavs games this season are NFT owners and don’t even know it.

DALLAS – Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. And maybe no one will ever tell you, but a ticket to see the Dallas Mavericks can actually be an investment right now.

Another caveat: Even the Dallas Mavericks say, “We don’t recommend NFT Mavs as investments or even that you sell them, because remember, the more games you go, the more NFT Mavs you collect.” The more NFT Mavs you have, the more fun stuff you can get with Mavs! “

What is NFT again? And can they really be worth anything?

Even though the Mavs advise you to keep these collectibles, you can sell them or buy them from someone else who sells… or you can trade them in.

A quick reminder on NFTs: Instead of an art that hangs on the wall, an NFT is essentially a digital work of art or a collector’s item that you keep in your computer or cell phone. NFT Mavs are like virtual collectible cards, instead of the old collectible cards printed on paper.

A lot of people don’t understand NFTs. And even some who understand the concept find it hard to believe that a virtually stored digital drawing of a basketball player can actually be of value. But at the time, it probably seemed unbelievable that a printed photo of a baseball player would ultimately sell for over $ 6.6 million, but last year it happened.

How NFT Mavs Work

Either way, since Mavs are owned by a guy who made his fortune in tech and is often at the forefront of tech, they pounced on NFTs. When game participants enter the American Airlines Center and scan their ticket through the Ticketmaster app, the Mavs email them a Team Collector’s Item, which includes well-known former players.

I have Michael Finley’s 10,000 NFT number 5,012. You can capture this image on screen, print it, and post it to your own social media accounts. But I’m the only one who can sell or trade the original, as each NFT is protected by a blockchain, which essentially puts unique codes into the data associated with each individual image that proves it is the original.

And people buy them and sell them. There is a whole market.

The Mavs won’t tell me how many changed hands, but they say many of them sold for more than the price of the game ticket they were with… and an NFT Mavs was worth around $ 900.

Prepare for Dirk Nowitzki’s NFTs

That brings us to the January 5 NFT, which will feature Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki. It is given the evening the team takes off their jersey.

The Mavericks expect more people to claim the NFT Nowitzki to be bigger, so here’s their plan to make it even more special: “We will have four different NFT Dirk uniforms distributed. Everyone will have one of the four. And the number of each will not exceed 6000 and may be as low as 2000. Thus, they will be rarer than in the past.

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I don’t have to be a financial advisor to know her DTV is likely to be worth the money. But of course, this NFT will have an even greater sentimental value for many MFFL (Mavs Fans For Life) present. Many of them will likely hang onto this special token commemorating the greatest player to ever wear the Mavs uniform. It may be to your advantage to keep as many of these digital coins as possible.

The team is just getting started with that and says they will: “Reward fans who go to the most games and claim their NFTs… or who collect their NFTs with unique NFTs and other digital items.” .

So maybe hold on and stay tuned.

To withdraw, don’t be late, check your email and have your own Ticketmaster account if someone gives you a ticket

In order to be eligible to receive your NFT Mavs, you should not be late for the game. The Mavs website states that you must have your Ticketmaster ticket scanned before the middle of the second quarter of the game. But when I emailed the organization, they told me you had to scan by the end of the first quarter of the game. Maybe it would be better to aim for that deadline earlier. After all, you are probably showing up to see the game.

If someone buys multiple tickets and distributes a ticket to someone else, the Mavs advise each person to create their own Ticketmaster account: “If you have more than one person on an account, it is best to create an account for each participant, send them their ticket and have them scan it during the match.

I’ve spoken to people who wondered why they didn’t get their NFT after watching a recent Mavs home game. They had not verified the email associated with their Ticketmaster account. When they did, they found an email sent by “Mavericks Collectibles” with a subject line that reads “Dallas Mavericks sent you MetaMavs (followed by the name of the player or coach who ‘they gave that night).

If you scanned under your Ticketmaster account and did so before the end of the first period, look for it in your email. If you still can’t find it, check your Junk Email Folder or Trash, you might have deleted it without knowing it.

Once you have found your Mavs NFT email, click on VIEW, and a new window will open to redirect you to your Ticketmaster login, where you can access your NFT Mavs. You have the right to claim your NFT for the duration of the season, but after that the Mavs warn, “We have the option to remove it at the end of the season. This increases the scarcity.

To date, the team claims that thousands of people have claimed their NFT Mavs. The team says they got the program off the ground smoothly to make sure they get rid of any issues before they put more public pressure on them.

If you have further questions about Mavs NFT, look for answers here.