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Does Jeff blackmail the Yellowjackets? This theory makes sense

By on January 5, 2022 0

The tangled web of mysteries woven into Showtime Yellow jackets accumulated in season 1. Some of the puzzles are less “thrillers” than the “the past is a land to be discovered” genre of It’s us, while other questions border on science fiction supernatural events that may have no scientific explanation. But there is a mystery which is a beautiful problem of solid police procedure: blackmail. Someone is hitting old team members for $ 50,000, or they’re going to flip it all over. But does Jeff, Shauna’s husband, blackmail Yellow jackets? The signs are starting to point in that direction.

Warning: Spoilers for Yellow jackets Season 1, episode 8 follow. Among the survivors of the Yellowjacket team that emerged from the wild, Shauna is the central figure. She’s the one who still lives in New Jersey town where they grew up. Shauna married her best friend, high school sweetheart Jackie, pointing out the idea that Jackie didn’t make it out alive. She cheats on her marriage to her boyfriend Adam, the most suspicious man in the world. And she has the truth about what happened during those 19 months in the Canadian wilderness. It is locked in a safe in his closet in the form of journals written in a contemporary way.

Or, at least, she did. But a spill of glitter on the floor alerts her to the gruesome discovery that her safe has been vandalized. Also, very quickly it becomes apparent that the person everyone is supposed to suspect is the Most Suspicious Man in the World, Adam. Or at least that’s what Shauna thinks he did.


But there is a big gaping hole in this plot. Most of the clues indicated that it was Shauna, who was behind the scheme. She and Jeff need the money. Their daughter will be going to college soon and they hardly have the funds to pay. She did not receive the blackmail cards. And who else would know where the other survivors were or have the supporting evidence?

However, this theory seemed to fall apart when Shauna and Tai’s friendship surfaced. Like Misty and Nat, these two have been there for each other for decades. As much as Shauna might need the money and just as pissed off by Tai’s candidacy for the Senate, she was not the blackmailer. But that doesn’t mean that someone else in their house isn’t.

For example, when the Blackmailer tries to do the pickup and the Yellowjackets are chasing him, he runs away. Shauna then returns home, only for Jeff to arrive shortly thereafter, just as he is walking home if he had run from the drop-off point to his truck. He’s also sweaty and out of breath, like he’s done just that.

But the real deciding factor is the glitter in the closet. Yes, that’s where Adam crouched down. But that’s also where Shauna threw Jeff’s shirt. And there’s a much better chance that Jeff, who knows Shauna, has finally cracked his code for Adam, who has been in the closet once before.

That leaves a question, however. If Jeff is the blackmailer, does he work alone? Or is Adam also in the game? All signs point to Adam as a mature Javi, which means he’s hiding something. But it remains to be seen whether or not this is a blackmail plan or something much more twisted.

Yellow jackets continues with new episodes every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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