“Enduring Connections” – Raiders 2022 Indigenous Jersey

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The Canberra Raiders have officially launched their 2022 Aboriginal jersey which will be worn against the Parramatta Eels in the NRL Aboriginal Round 12 round.

The Indigenous Raiders 2022 lineup is available for purchase at www.raidersshop.com.au

The jersey was designed by Kayannie Denigan, a Luritja woman, in conjunction with the NRL’s School to Work program and the University of Canberra.

Artist Kayannie Denigan with Indigenous Raiders players and NRL Work School participants.

The design divides the jersey into five panels, each of which was inspired by the creative writing of students from the NRL School to Work program. The jersey also depicts the totems of the six indigenous players who are part of the current NRL squad.

Sebastian Kris and Xavier Savage

Sebastian Kris and Xavier Savage

Kayannie Denigan said her work entitled “Enduring Connections” is a wonderful way to tell the stories of Indigenous culture and the importance of people’s stories and connections.

“I think having jerseys like this and the aboriginal round is really important to Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders,” Ms Denigan said. “To see football clubs show Aboriginal people that they are valued and respected is wonderful and I think this story will touch the people who wear the jersey, obviously the players but also the fans.

“It’s really cool. I’m really excited to see them on game day wearing my art. It’s kind of a dream come true, it’s fantastic.

The first panel symbolizes salt water and shows seaweed, which is used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes by indigenous peoples across the country. This was inspired by School to Work student Carney, who wrote about his connection to Yuin country and salt water.

The second panel depicts rock formations, such as mountains, rocky valleys and waterfalls, which are often sites of cultural and spiritual significance. School to Work student Jack was inspired by a personal experience where he was able to visit the gravestones of his great-grandmother and great-grandfather.

Eucalyptus leaves, which are endemic to Australia, are depicted in panel three which acknowledges the medicinal, cultural and practical uses of the trees. School to Work student Riley used her totem, a snake, to speak about the sights and sounds of the country, including “The cracking of eucalyptus leaves”.

The fourth panel represents people, places and the connection to the country. The elderly who guide us, the important places and the people who connect the culture. School-to-work student Kimberley was inspired by her connection to Tulmur (Ipswich) and how that connection helped her through difficult times, while Stewart used the song to talk about her connection – “The spirits of the old people I know are there, there’s a whistle in the breeze of an ancient song, I can’t speak but my heart sings.

The final panel encompasses nature and depicts everything from plants and animals to the smells and sounds that connect Indigenous peoples to the home. School to Work student Georgie likened the experience to growing new roots in Canberra, far from the country. While Riley said she envies the snake because it slithers through the ground, smelling the dirt, leaves and sticks that make this land her home.

The jersey also features five totems on the sleeve of the jersey and the back of the tee. The Lyrebird (Adam Elliott), Goanna (Jack Wighton), Emu (Elijah Anderson, Xavier Savage), Wedgetail Eagle (Jamal Fogarty) and the Crocodile (Sebastian Kris, Xavier Savage), are all symbolic of the cultures of the members of the current playgroup.

Xavier Savage, who is proud of his Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island ancestry, is excited about the opportunity to wear the new Jersey when the team meet the Eels later in the month.

“It means a lot to put on this jersey,” Savage said. “It brings a sense of pride and a kind of camaraderie between not only the Indigenous players at this club, but the non-Indigenous players as well. »

Jamal Fogarty

Jamal Fogarty

His native teammate and proud Mununjali man, Jamal Fogarty, relishes the platform offered by the native round of the NRL.

“It’s one of the days on the calendar where the spotlight is on us and our culture, and everyone celebrates us,” Fogarty said.

The Indigenous Raiders 2022 lineup is available for purchase at www.raidersshop.com.au

Elijah Anderson

Elijah Anderson