Georgia high school student switches from dress to jersey for reunion

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This reunion week is special for a junior at George Walton Academy in Monroe. Sara Bryan will be on the field as a home court member, and she will also be on the field as a kicker for the Bulldogs.

“It was never part of my plan to be on the football team,” Sara Bryan told Lindsay Tuman of Good Day Atlanta.

Bryan had no plans to join the George Walton Academy football team, but when the school’s athletic director asked her to step in, she did.

“Last year athletic director Mark Whitley asked me. He came over to my study room and he asked me if I would be the kicker. And my first instinct was like no, it’s okay. But my parents were very supportive of me, and they really thought it would be a great idea, ”she said.

The college girl is no stranger to competition, it could be described as a triple threat. She is also a member of the cross-country and soccer teams. She said starting on the football team was an adjustment.

“It’s very different and it’s honestly, like, very exciting. For football I’m a very physical player, but it’s a whole different level,” she said.

Butterflies came into play before his first kick in a game.

“I was very nervous on the sidelines when it happened. I heard ‘Touchdown’ and they said, ‘OK Sara, go ahead.’ , I settled everything and I was like an eye on the price, ”she recalls.

Her parents were in the stands watching the moment.

“We were proud, we were nervous. Mum was hiding behind her hands. It was like I knew she had it inside her, you just had to get it out of her head, mark it all out and kick it. foot, “Chris Bryan, says his father.

Sara is now tackling another challenge for the second leg. She is also a member of the reunion tribunal.

“I’m going to do all the pre-game stuff, I’m going to wear my long red dress. I’m going to do the parade, and then I’m going to put on my football uniform,” Bryan said.

Bryan says his team and the whole school are very supportive of his new role on the football team.

“I really want to give it to my teammates because they did a great job including me in this situation. I saw how hard they work, and it’s really inspiring and I just want people to know it’s not just me doing this it’s my teammates, ”she said.

And she also sees the impact of her position on the community.

“I didn’t think about the impact I would have, but seeing all the young girls and young guys and hearing them say that I inspire them, it really feels good,” she said.





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