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Over the past seven seasons, the Houston Astros have become a playoff staple. With six playoff appearances, including three World Series berths during that span, the Astros are truly in their golden years. While Houston is better than ever as a team, the franchise has had iconic individuals in uniform since its freshman year in 1962. From stars of today to legends of yesterday, here’s the team of all time of the Astros.

Receiver – Brad Ausmus

The Astros don’t have a long history of great offensive catchers. However, they have plenty of defensive specialists who have made an impact. Brad Ausmus is arguably the best of the bunch. Ausmus played ten years with the team, ranking tenth in franchise history in games played, with 1,259. He also won three Gold Gloves with the team. During his time with the Astros, Ausmus had a disappointing .246/.318/.327 slash line. However, his greatest moment was with the bat. With two outs in the ninth inning of Game 4 of the 2005 NLDS, the veteran catcher hit a game-tying home run. Houston would win the game in 18 innings. At the time, it was arguably the biggest home run in franchise history.

First Base – Jeff Bagwell

With some positions, it can be very difficult to determine the best in franchise history. However, the Astros’ all-time team first base is a no-brainer. Jeff Bagwell is the best first baseman in franchise history and one of the top two players in franchise history. Bagwell is first or second in nearly every offensive stat in Astros history. His career slash of .297/.408/.540 is the most impressive in franchise history for someone who has played as long as he has. Three Silver Sluggers, a Gold Glove, a Rookie of the Year and an MVP during his 15-year career cemented his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Second Base – Craig Biggio

If Bagwell is one of the two best players in franchise history, the other is Craig Biggio. Biggio is first in franchise history in games played, at-bats, plate appearances, runs scored, hits, total bases, doubles, extra hits and times spent on goal, among other statistics. Biggio has won five Silver Sluggers and four Gold Gloves. A member of the 3,000 hits club, Biggio has also taken his place in Cooperstown as one of the game’s legends.

Shortstop – Carlos Correa

The left side of the infield isn’t as strong as the right, but the talent is still up there. Despite only having seven seasons as Astro under his belt, Carlos Correa has left his mark on the franchise. In the regular season, Correa won a Gold Glove and a Platinum Glove as well as a Rookie of the Year award. However, it was in the playoffs that Correa made his name. The shortstop was a mainstay of the 2017 World Series championship team. He is also one of two players in MLB playoff history to have three career hits. . Correa’s 59 playoff RBIs rank sixth all-time. Whether or not Correa wears an Astros uniform in 2022 is yet to be determined, however, he will go down as a legendary figure in Astros franchise history.

Third Goal – Alex Bregman

Although injuries have slowed him down over the past two seasons, Alex Bregman has been a force over his six-year career. Bregman won a Silver Slugger, an All-Star Game MVP, and a runner-up AL MVP. His career slash is .281/.377/.507. He was another mainstay of the 2017 World Series championship team. His World Series run included a hit in Game 5 of the 2017 World Series.

Left field – Lance Berkman

Although Lance Berkman never won any major awards, he was an impact player. Berkman was a top-10 MVP five times in his 12 years with the Astros. He ranks in the top five in almost every offensive stat in franchise history. His slashline during his Astros career is .296/.410/.549. He was a key member in their playoffs in 2004 and 2005. He is arguably one of the best players to not receive the required five percent to stay on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. He is, however, entirely worthy of being part of the Astros’ all-time team.

Center field – Cesar Cedeno

A staple of the Astros in the 1970s, Cesar Cedeno is the greatest speed threat in Astros history. His 487 stolen bases in an Astros uniform ranks first in franchise history. During 12 years in Houston, Cedeno played in 1,512 games, the sixth-most Astros player count. He won five Golden Gloves, all in center field. His five accolades on the court are tied for the most in franchise history.

Right field – George Springer

While George Springer left the Astros in free agency ahead of the 2021 season, he is one of the most important players to ever don an Astros jersey. Springer was another of the core members of the 2017 team that won the World Series. He is also the most instrumental in bringing home the trophy. His five homers helped Houston win the 2017 World Series and earned him the World Series MVP title. Overall, in 14 career World Series games, Springer has homered seven times.

Designated Hitter – Jose Altuve

The Astros have only been in the American League since 2013, so DH options are limited. That being said, Jose Altuve deserves to be on the Astros’ all-time team with the career he’s had so far. Therefore, the DH spot will go to this Astros legend. Altuve has won five Silver Sluggers, a Gold Glove, three Batting Titles, an MVP, an ALCS MVP and of course a World Series Championship. With a career batting average of .308, Altuve is one of the best clean hitters of the last generation. His 23 career playoff home runs rank second in league history. As long as the health remains in his favor, there is a big possibility that Altuve will also end up in Cooperstown.


The Astros have had a lot of good pitchers throughout their existence. Some have spent the better part of a decade on the mound while others have had shorter but highly impactful stints with the team. Nolan Ryan spent nine years at Houston, where he won 106 games and posted a 3.13 ERA in over 1,800 innings pitched. Ryan had three top-ten finishes from Cy Young, but won none.

Second in franchise history with 143 wins, Roy Oswalt is one of the greatest pitchers to ever play in Houston. In ten years and over 1,900 runs, Oswalt had a 3.24 ERA. He had six top-ten finishes from Cy Young, but never won one. However, he won the ALCS MVP award in 2005. Despite only pitching four-season games with the team so far, Justin Verlander deserves to be on this list. Verlander was acquired in 2017 and won ALCS MVP that year. Houston won the World Series largely thanks to Verlander. He also won a Cy Young and was a finalist for the award.

Billy Wagner played for the Astros in the first nine years of his career, throwing to a 2.53 ERA and saving 225 ball games. He struck out 12.4 per nine innings, the highest in team history. His WHIP of 1.039 is the lowest in team history. Wagner would definitely be the Astros’ closest team player of all time.

Honorable Mentions

JR Richard has won 107 games in a decade of career. He had a 3.15 ERA in over 1,600 runs before a stroke cut his career short. With three Cy Young top ten finishes, Richard has had a fine, if short, career. Roger Clemens only played three years with the Astros, but he won a Cy Young and was a key member of postseason teams in 2004 and 2005. He had a 2.40 ERA during these three seasons.

Jim Wynn was an important outfielder for Houston in the 1960s and 1970s. His 223 home runs with the team were the franchise record through 1999. Jose Cruz played in 1,870 games during his career with Houston. He held many team records before he was finally surpassed. The outfielder has three top-10 MVP finishes in 13 years with the Astros.

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