Jersey Mike’s sub-store opens in Shrewsbury

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SHREWSBURY – When Boston College graduate Tyler Tombs decided he wanted to invest in a business, he was ready to become a franchise owner of a Mike Jersey sub-store.

“Growing up on the Jersey Shore, this was my local sub-store,” Tombs explained. “My family went there all the time.”

At 26 and three years after college, he’s thrilled to be a new business owner and will open the doors of all-new Jersey Mike’s on Wednesday at 120 Boston Turnpike in White City Plaza.

Tombs admits there is a small level of nervousness to accompany the excitement, but he draws inspiration from the story of company CEO Peter Cancro, who, at 17, got a loan from the through his football coach / banker and bought the former Mike’s Sub Shop where he had worked since the age of 14.

Tombs met Cancro and was inspired by him and the growth of the business, even over the past 18 months.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as many restaurants struggled to stay afloat, Jersey Mike’s experienced remarkable growth, Tombs said.

“I think it’s because our food packaging is really ready to go,” Tombs said, adding that ordering through a variety of apps, including that from Jersey Mike, made it easy for consumers to order at the ahead and pick up, or request delivery for their food.

Tombs said he was excited to tap into the central Massachusetts market where Jersey Mike’s has just started to expand. He teamed up with his parents to pay franchise fees and real estate and construction costs, which the company’s website says are $ 18,500 and $ 5,000, respectively.

Tombs is leasing the space that was once a Be Good health food restaurant and has a 10-year lease, he said.

A Jersey Mike's sub-store opens in Shrewsbury on Tuesday.

What makes the secondary store special is the commitment to serving fresh vegetables and meats that are sliced ​​right in front of the customer, Tombs said. Franchise owners source their supplies from local farms and each submarine is made to order.

And while customers can ask for mayonnaise or mustard, Tombs said it was recommended to try a sub, “Mike’s Way,” which means it’s dressed in lettuce, onions. , tomatoes, spices and The Juice – a combination of red wine vinegar and olive oil.

“It gives you that zest in your cheeks,” Tombs said. “People really like it.”

As for his favorite, Tombs recommends # 12, Cancro Special. It’s roast beef, pepperoni and provolone cheese – Mike’s Way, of course.

Since Jersey Mike’s early days were near the water where beachgoers could grab their lunch and enjoy it by the shore, Tombs expects people participating in recreational activities – swimming and from boating to ice fishing – at Quinsigamond Lake can become frequent customers in all seasons.

He still lives in Boston, but says he loves the Shrewsbury area and hopes to get closer.

Jersey Mike’s also has a tradition of giving back to communities. For starters, Tombs, a former lifeguard, will give a free sub-card to the first 10,000 people who donate $ 3 or more to the sports department at Shrewsbury High School.

In March, the Shrewsbury Boutique will participate in Jersey Mike’s Donation Month, including Donation Day. Last year, $ 12 million was raised across the company to help local charities, Tombs said.

Owner Tyler Tombs, right, at his Jersey Mike's sub-store in Shrewsbury on Monday with Managing Director Dianna Faias and Assistant Managers Benny Cruz and Ariana Loader, right to left.

The new store employs just under 20 people, including full-time and part-time positions. Tombs said he hired Dianna Faias, who worked as a general manager and had a lifetime of experience in the food industry.

Tombs said he studied management with concentrations in finance and marketing, so he’s happy to have someone with restaurant experience by his side. So far, he has worked for TJX Companies Inc. in different roles including as an Associate Planner.

In addition to the new Shrewsbury location, Jersey Mike’s opened new stores in Tilton and Seabrook, New Hampshire on Wednesday, as well as others across the country, Tombs said.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, except holidays. To order by phone, call (508) 925-5465 or use the Jersey Mike’s app.

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