Juan Soto supports Trea Turner at the NL Wild Card Game

By on October 7, 2021 0

Juan Soto made an appearance Wednesday night at the NL Wild Card Game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Washington Nationals star’s presence at the game may seem odd at first glance, but he was there to support his former teammates.

Soto wore a Trea Turner Nationals jersey. He also had on his 2019 World Series ring when his Nats beat the Houston Astros to win it all.

The Nats knocked the Dodgers out of the playoffs that year, which is why Soto was booed when it was shown on the big screen at Dodger Stadium. However, the boos turned to cheers when Soto showed Dodger fans that he was supportive of Turner and Scherzer.

Turner and Max Scherzer were part of the winning team of the 2019 Nats World Series. They were traded to the Dodgers in July.

In the photos, Soto is pictured with Kevin Long, who has been the Nats’ batting coach since 2017. Scherzer’s wife Erica also appears in the photos.

It’s cool that one of the best players in MLB comes to Dodger Stadium to support his former teammates. He probably wishes they were still part of the Nats.

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