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Jupiter Gray exposes its raw, vulnerable and playful sides with its latest EP, “Pressure”.

By on January 11, 2022 0

Jupiter Gray applies the pressure with his new EP, “Pressure”.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – (Los Angeles, CA) January 11, 2022 – Jupiter Gray is releasing their latest EP, “Pressure”, on major platforms. “Pressure” follows Jupiter Gray on a journey of rediscovering his competitiveness in the masculine and transphobic genre of hip-hop and rap. As one of his most authentic and revealing projects, the EP is packed with mesmerizing beats, uncompromising lyrics, and abrasive spot tones that prey on those who doubt his skills and bars.

Originally from Ohio and known for her lyricism and identity as a trans woman, Jupiter Gray was originally slated to sign with a major record label in 2017, but she never got a response from the label after that. its transition has become public. Destined and shameless herself, she released her first project as a trans woman in 2018 titled “Flowasis”. Since her release, she has continued her quest to become a force in the music industry and has been featured in Grammy.com, Billboard, Boston Hassle, Paper Magazine, and more.

“Pressure” was recorded remotely in Columbus, Ohio, with production assistance from Melody The Ghost, a black trans woman based in California. The album features six tracks and a few collaborations such as “Bad Girls” with New Jersey rapper Heather Hills, “Freakz” with an intro and outro by the Florida 99 personality, and “Pluto” a track produced by Chill Smith. .

Magnetizing and pleasant to the eardrums, “Pressure” shines a light on Jupiter’s experiences and growth, and is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. For more information on Jupiter Gray, visit his Instagram.

About Jupiter Gray
Jupiter Gray released singles and mixtapes independently when she caught the eardrum and attention of a major record label. Riding the hype and new buzz, increasingly drawn to her infectious beats and catchy lyrics. His unstoppable musical career and provocative work ethic are constant in his music. Jupiter Gray is poised to consolidate its name in the music industry and become one of the most innovative artists of the modern era.

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