Lauren Joyce: Being able to put the shirt on is amazing

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Leeds United Women have confirmed the signing of goalkeeper Lauren Joyce.

The 22-year-old goalscorer joined the club after leaving Huddersfield Town Women this summer, choosing to sign for the club she supports.

The keeper will compete for the number one jersey with Georgia Wattam as the Whites aim for a successful campaign in the 2021/22 season.

Lauren, welcome to Leeds United! What does it mean for you to join the club?

“It’s amazing, I’m really excited to start well. It’s so good to be here, I’ve been a Leeds fan my whole life, my dad forced me to do it when I was younger and since then I have just been at Elland Road So to sign I’m proud of myself and my family so I can’t wait to go.

“Being able to put on the jersey is amazing, that’s what dreams are made of. When I was little I dreamed of playing for Leeds so being able to do that is amazing. Football is an integral part of my life, I have followed the club all over the country, so playing for them is a dream come true. My friends and family will be at the games, you will see the Laois Supporters Club cheering us on for sure!

Other than being a supporter, what made you want to be here?

“I think the whole philosophy of the club at the moment is exciting. The men’s team is doing very well and this has spread throughout the club and also among the women. We have our own ambitions to be promoted and see how far we can progress, so I think with that kind of ethics around the club and in this environment, it was obvious for me to sign for the club. .

“Saying that the promotion gives you something to aim for. I think this season is about going game by game, which will help us aim for promotion, but we take it step by step and see what happens. “

What can we expect from you on the pitch, between the posts and look forward to the competition to enter the side?

“I think I have a pretty calming influence at the back. I am a good communicator and strong at leading the defense. I also like playing from the back, helping us keep the ball and keep the ball. I like to think that it can help filter through the squad when you have a calm and comfortable keeper with the ball.

“I think it’s a modern style and you can watch goalkeepers like Ederson at Man City, Alisson at Liverpool and of course Illan Meslier at Leeds, they’re all comfortable with the ball and can play it behind the back , but they also know when to go long, not just hit it at random to lose it, but it’s a real pass.

“It’s great to have competition, it’s important for everyone and it pushes you to be the best you can be at all times. Bob, our other goalie, she’s really good and I hope we can push each other this year to the end. Whoever starts off we’ll be happy I’m sure we both obviously want to play but I know I will support her and she will support me with whatever Dan decides each week. This competition is essential to help us all progress.

Have you modeled your game around anyone in particular, or have you had any inspiration so far?

“When I was younger, I admired Shay Given. He’s Irish and that’s where a lot of my family comes from, so we always watched all of their games. He was known as a little goalie, and I’m not fortunate enough to be tall, so seeing a smaller goalie playing very well in his game was an inspiration to me.

“In women’s football, Karen Bardsley’s career as England’s number one has been incredible. So seeing her do well and the career she has had has been amazing as well. Finally, I trained with Ellie Roebuck at Sheffield United academy and she’s now number one at Man City and England so seeing her so well after training with her for so many years, it’s been good to me. also inspire.

Jon howe

So how did it all start for you, how did you start playing football?

“My dad always watched football at home, so I started to watch him and get interested in it. I used to do ballet when I was younger, but my friends were mostly boys who didn’t do that, they played soccer so I asked my mom if I could join them for a bit and she was happy that I was doing that, so it all started from there really. I started in a boys’ team for about three years at my local club, Rastrick Juniors. My dad was a coach there, so I also spent a lot of playing time there, which helped me.

“I didn’t really know girls could play soccer when I was there, I thought it was just me because I never played against anyone else who had a girl in the game. team. I went to West Riding to try out and from there I saw a lot of girls who were really good at football so I’ve been playing with them ever since. After that I went to Bradford City for a few years but they reduced the number of academies and unfortunately Bradford was part of them so I then moved to Sheffield United where I spent the rest of my time at the academy, then I had a short stay at Sheffield FC before joining Huddersfield! Now I’m in Leeds and absolutely excited about it.

What do you know about the league and what would you like to achieve with the club?

“In the short term I want to focus on this season and try to get into the squad and try to play as many games as possible and then gain promotion which is the absolute key. Going forward I am a Leeds United fan so I would like to stay with the club as long as possible and grow with the club as they seek to achieve their ambitions. Seeing the men and women wanting to do so well is an incredible feeling to be apart so that’s the goal, to progress as far as possible with the club that I support.

“I played in the upper league than this and I know how difficult it was for teams to come out of that division and into the upper league. When I was at Huddersfield we faced the Liverpool Feds in the FA Cup, which are the same league as Leeds this season, and we just passed them in extra time after a 2-2 draw. So I know they were one of the toughest teams we’ve faced all season which tells me how tough this league can be, but I know we have enough quality here to defeat n ‘ doesn’t matter who of our day.

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