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By on May 11, 2022 0

To see! This is our first look at the Major League Baseball 2022 World Series logo.

The graphic is courtesy of an email sent by the Phillies, announcing a contest to win World Series tickets, this was later shared with our Twitter account by @ACinPhilly and @chasefor28pod last week. Thanks to you two !

It’s a fairly basic design, WORLD SERIES in navy blue separated by a series of thin gold horizontal lines and two pennants/flags (one gold, one silver) in the middle (did you hear that sound?). What’s new this year is that Presenting Sponsor CapitalOne’s logo is included directly in the World Series logo.

Take a look, and forgive the quality (we’ll have a better version when it’s officially released), the source image was a very small marketing graphic.

The World Series logo is traditionally worn as a patch on the jerseys and caps of US and National League champions, however, in 2021 only the caps were patched as the league had issues with the old league string. global supply. I predict this will likely be an issue again this fall, note the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t even wearing a 2022 All-Star Game patch.

LINK: History of the World Series logo

LINK: Every World Series champion and the logo they won with

A look back at the last twenty years of the World Series logos, from the 100th anniversary of the Fall Classic in 2003 until 2022.

And that sound we heard earlier in the article was that the Red Sox Nation was planning the World Series parade because, as you see in the graphic below, when a World Series logo has two flags , Beantown is tasting champagne in October:

That’s right, the only World Series logos to have the double flags were 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018, which were all Boston Red Sox championships. Let’s see if this trend continues into 2022, but also keep in mind that the Red Sox have never won a World Series in a decade that wasn’t the 00s or 10s of any given century, so they might just start another drought of about 80 odd years. And how appropriate would it be for the new drought to start again in 18?

Sorry Boston fans, love has to be balanced.