Ranking NBA City Edition jerseys from horrible to elite

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New Orleans Pelicans City Edition uniforms from last season

Another year of NBA basketball means another opportunity for Nike to release new NBA City Edition jerseys. Unfortunately, the Pels hit at the bat again.

The NBA City Edition jerseys from Nike are an opportunity to create a different look for teams to wear from time to time during the season. This year, Nike created jerseys to represent the history of each team as part of the 75th anniversary of the NBA.

It could have been the occasion to evoke memories of the 2007-08 season or even of the time when Jazz was still in New Orleans. Instead, Nike created a jersey “inspired by the resilience of the city” and uses wrought iron fence elements around the city to design the font (I won’t even waste time discussing the video from exit).

For me, it just doesn’t work. Not for a special jersey like the urban editions are meant to be. It’s another missed opportunity for the Pels to create something really special that fans could support.

So, did Nike miss the mark with other teams as well? I decided to rate each team based on three criteria. Each criterion has a scale of points on which it will be graded, the highest score being 16 points.

How the NBA City Edition jerseys were ranked

Pop Factor (1-10 points) – Think of this as a first glance test. Did each jersey stand out the first time I saw it?

Difference factor (1-3 points) – To me, these jerseys shouldn’t look too much like a team’s regular jerseys.

Color factor (1-3 points) – This is related to the difference factor, in that I would like a team to use colors that are not part of their everyday look. Or at least change the way their usual colors are used.

After looking at each of the NBA City Edition jerseys individually, this year has been somewhat of a disappointment for me. No team really took him out of the park and a good portion went with essentially a homecoming jersey. That being said, only a few teams were just plain bad in my mind. This year there was a high floor and low ceiling feel with many teams clustered near the middle.

A note, I did not include any shorts in this ranking because there are some awful shorts this year. For your own good, don’t go looking for them.

You can see all the NBA City Edition jerseys here.

Now it’s time to rank.

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