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Think Ultimate team / MyTeam meets NFT pack drops and fantasy football. Interest piqued? UtimateFan may have the game for you.

UltimateFan has created a unique fantasy offering where fantasy managers open packs to determine their squad and build a roster. When you sign up you will receive a free pack that will include at least one gold card and give you enough variety of positions to fill a squad for your first week of action. To add more players to your team, there are a few options. The standard pack, available for free, can be opened once a week on Tuesday. Silver packs guarantee you at least two silver and one gold cards. Gold packs guarantee two gold and one silver. The packs are not for sale as with Ultimate team or MyTeam but can be purchased via a subscription. The silver pack will give you one silver pack per week for one month, while the gold pack will give you one gold pack per week.

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UltimateFan’s settings are as follows: Touchdowns are worth four points for QBs and six for all other positions. It’s a PPR full of points with bonus points. Quarterbacks get one point over 200 yards, two points over 300 yards and three points over 350 yards. On the ground, one point is awarded for 40+ yards, one point for 70+ and three for 100+. In the air, there is a point for 50+ and a point for 100+. Interceptions and lost fumbles cost one point.

For team cards, you get five points for a win and -1 for a loss. One point for baskets between 40 and 49 points and two for 50+. In addition, one point is awarded per bag and two per interception. A special team touchdown earns you six points. And for the D / ST type score, you get eight points for a shutout, two points for allowing 1-13 points, zero for 14-28 and -3 for 28+. This scoring makes your roster decision there a critical part of your weekly roster decisions. The places on the list are QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Team.

Week 15 pack results

The opening of the week 15 pack was a bit mixed. I’ve landed some exciting names like Leonard Fournette, but I’m not sure how often I will be able to roll out the latest additions to my team. Fournette was good enough to push to start, but will face Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb and Austin Ekeler most weeks. The other cards I landed this week were Josh Palmer, Robby Anderson, Deonte Harris, Tyrell Williams, a dupe of Michael Pittman and Will Fuller.

Since I’m on the 50-card limit, I chose to keep Palmer, Anderson, Fool Pittman, and Fuller. The players I released are Austin Hooper, OJ Howard, Ty’So Williams, Matt Ryan and Derek Carr. I did these outings before things got crazy with COVID and Baker Mayfield landing on the reserve / COVID list and only Russell Wilson is left for week 15 as Justin Herbert is ineligible due to his Thursday night football game.

Week 15 Team building decisions

QB: Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield

RB: Austin Ekeler, Nick Chubb, Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Chuba Hubbard, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Benny Snell,

WR: Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson, Michael Pittman, CeeDee Lamb, Antonio Brown, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, DeVonta Smith, Brandin Cooks, Marvin Jones, Laviska Shenault, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Golladay, Emmanuel Sanders, Josh Palmer, Robby Anderson , Will Fuller, Josh Reynolds, Dwayne Eskridge, DJ Chark, Corey Davis,

TE: Mark Andrews, Jared Cook, Dawson Knox, Mike Gesicki

Team: Chargers, Ravens, Packers, Broncos, Washington, Titans

As always, we’ll start with the running back and flexible stance, which I treated as an RB2 lunge. Austin Ekeler is ineligible having played Thursday night. Kareem Hunt has landed on the reserve / COVID list and does not guarantee he will be released by Monday evening. Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard are both assaulted and go to touch each other. Chase Edmonds is expected to return but will play behind James Conner. Chuba Hubbard is playing for a struggling Panthers team and isn’t an ideal option with some superior choices on hand.

This leaves me to choose between Kamara, Chubb and my new addition Leonard Fournette. Chubb is set to do without Kareem Hunt on Monday night, making him a true elite option on what appears to be an exhausted Browns roster on both sides of the ball. Cleveland will have no choice but to give Chubb as many touches as he can handle. Kamara and Fournette face each other on Sunday, with neither player having an ideal match. Kamara will face a fierce defensive front, while Fournette will face the number one defense in terms of limit fantasy points.

The decision goes to the yards after the capture. Fournette has emerged as one of the league’s most prolific wide receivers in 2021, but Kamara remains the elite in this area and poses a much bigger threat after the capture. Solidifying my decision is the fact that Fournette is officially listed as questionable after missing two practices this week. I will be riding with Chubb and Kamara for week 15.

My list of extended receivers has grown too large to break down every player on the list, so we’ll discuss real options and ignore injured reserve ones who are suspended, or those like Josh Reynolds who aren’t realistic options with just two. places. to grab. Tyler Lockett is on the reserve / COVID list and is not an option for this week. The same can be said for Jarvis Landry. Michael Pittman Jr. plays on Saturday and may not be eligible since the roster lockout is on Sunday. Emmanuel Sanders was dismissed. Dwayne Eskridge is handsome with Lockett likely to miss the game, but not appealing enough with just two wide receiver pitches and a handful of top options to compete with. Kenny Golladay and Devonta Smith are booming due to playing with quarterbacks that keep them inconsistent.

That leaves me with Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, CeeDee Lamb, and Julio Jones. Julio, as good as he is, is not a serious consideration with Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball at him. Kupp is a must-play game unless I find out that Tuesday night players are not eligible for Week 15 at Ultimate Fan. Jefferson is the second fantastic receiver overall this season and needs to be plugged in unless CeeDee has a clash in which the Cowboys are actually forced to pitch the ball. Gamescript can easily limit its reception on the upside, so I’ll go with Kupp and Jefferson.

At the quarterback and tight end level, there is once again no debate. As discussed above, cutting Derek Carr and Matt Ryan only leaves me with Russell Wilson for week 15 since Baker Mayfield is on the reserve / COVID list (and has been totally ineffective for fantastic purposes), and Justin Herbert has played. Thursday evening. At the tight end, Mark Andrews remains stranded as a starter despite the impending presence of Dawson Knox. It’s hard to have Knox and not be able to play it, but it’s a good “problem” to have.

The position of the team will determine whether or not I get another gift card to put on another jersey. Los Angeles has played before and is not eligible. Washington is too exhausted from COVID to even merit consideration. Denver gets the Steelers, and Tennesse gets the Bengals. Both are tough clashes against hungry teams that I would rather avoid if possible. Baltimore and Green Bay will face each other, which makes neither a good option. However, if Lamar sits down, Green Bay will get the tap. Green Bay is probably my best bet, but I’ll feel a lot better about my decision if Lamar is out.

Now for the golden helmet and the golden football. The Golden Ball doubles the points of anyone who scores a touchdown. I’ll put him on Russell Wilson, for now, but I can pivot on Cooper Kupp before the game. The golden helmet doubles the points of any player it is assigned to. Football will run on Nick Chubb if he stays healthy or goes to Fournette. Both power backs are weekly threats to find the end zone and are expected to be in workaholic roles for Week 15.

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