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The Jacob twins play an important role in Loreauville’s unbeaten regular season

By on November 8, 2021 0


LOREAUVILLE, Louisiana – It is often said that playing football creates a brotherly bond within the team.

Perhaps even more special is the bond between a quarterback and his favorite receiver.

So you can imagine the chemistry between the Jacob brothers: Calep the quarterback, and Collin his twin and target number one.

“He’s my brother,” Calep said. “I live with him, I eat with him, I do everything with him. It’s normal in the field, when it comes to the field.

“This twin connection is something powerful,” says Collin. “I mean I’ve been with him since day one, since we entered the pitch. Our bond together is unlike any other.

The first question a lot of people ask the Jacob twins: is twin telepathy real and useful during play?

“I mean everyone says that,” Calep said. “I mean, yeah, you can say that too. “

“He knows what I’m going to do and puts the ball where it’s supposed to be,” says Collin. “I’m here to play the game.”

“If I throw the ball, you better come down with that kind of stuff,” Calep said.

“I guess you can call it the twin thing,” Collin says. “For being together for so long, we already know what the other is fundamentally thinking about.”

Long before donning the Loreauville uniforms, football was a family pastime.

“We were always throwing ourselves at each other in the front yard at Grandma’s house, Mawmaw’s house,” Calep says. “We’ve been doing it since we were three or four years old. So it’s just a standard.

“They’ve been playing together for so long,” said Loreauville head coach Terry Martin. “They kind of do their own thing sometimes. We have called games, but when the going gets tough each one knows what the other is going to do, so obviously it pays off. “

Their chemistry also pays off on the other side of the ball, as both play a defensive back.

Calep and Collin were the LFCA 2A All-State second-team selections in 2020.

So we asked… who is the best athlete?

“I’m pretty sure we would discuss it until we drop,” Collin said. “I would say you are watching it right now. “

“Every time I touch the ball, I score,” Calep says. “I’m just going to let you choose who’s the best football player. I don’t know what he told you, but the numbers don’t lie.

They channel this competitive spirit to pursue a single goal: to help Loreauville win.

The Tigers won a district championship on Friday night and are looking to move further into the playoffs this year after a quarterfinal outing last season.

“We just came back this year and promised the team to do better,” said Calep.

“From day one, since we got on the pitch, it was more about getting better every day, getting closer and having the discipline on the pitch just to be undefeated,” said Collin. “We worked every day from Monday to Thursday to get us here. We just need to finish this job.


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