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With just over a month before FX What we do in the shadows returns for its highly anticipated fourth season, fans have already some idea of ​​what awaits Laszlo (Matt Berry) & (Baby) Colin (Marc Proksch), Naja (Natasia Demetriou), Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), and Nandor (Kayvan Novak). Based on the official Season 4 preview, we learn that when the trio returns to Laszlo & Baby Colin, the house is “on the brink of total structural collapse”…and it’s going to cost money. . Meanwhile, it seems that Nandor’s “eternal search for love” is over. Wait what?! Meanwhile, Nadja tries to run the hottest vampire nightclub in the tri-state area, Laszlo tries to raise Baby Colin to be anything but an energy vampire, and it looks like Guillermo will have more than one family who will stress him this time. And did someone say… “Jersey Pine Barrens”?

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With all that in mind, we’re taking a look at an official teaser for What we do in the shadows offering us our first looks at the evolution of the nightclub scene… and to be honest? Looks like it’s good for them…

In the shocking season three finale of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’, Nandor, Guillermo and Nadja left Staten Island to go their separate ways while Laszlo stayed home to care for the creature that spawned a way out of the chest cavity of the deceased. Colin Robinson – aka Baby Colin. This season, the vampires return to Staten Island to find their mansion on the brink of total structural collapse – and with no money to fix it. As Nandor’s eternal search for love finally yields results, Nadja finally realizes her dream of opening the hottest vampire nightclub in the tri-state area. Laszlo struggles with the question of nature versus nurture as he tries to raise Baby Colin to be something other than an energy vampire. And even Guillermo finds himself on a powerful emotional trail that touches on his love for his family and for others.

With locations as terrifying as the Secret Supernatural Night Market, the Jersey Pine Barrens, and a Wedding Altar, and with weirder beasts, surprising guest stars, and tap dancing than ever, What We Do in the Shadows season four continues. to plead for blood and comedy. And this time with just a touch of home improvement.

In October 2021, Guillén took the time to speak with Vulture about What we do in the shadows— specifically, the Guillermo-Nandor dynamic, the evolution of his character, Guillermo’s sexuality and portrayal, and more. Here are some of the highlights (and here’s a look back at Bleeding Cool’s conversation with Guillén here and here):

Guillén explains why the Nandor and Guillermo dynamic works so well“I think everyone is cheering for something to happen, whether it’s romantic or [having] to tell the truth – what is their dynamic? And what is the connection they have? I’m very lucky to have a counterpart like Keyvan, where we’re both so comfortable in the characters, and Keyvan is such a generous actor. We’re doing a comedy, but at the end of the day, their storyline is what makes humanity, because it’s a 50-50 split between someone who’s immortal and doesn’t care about time anymore, and someone for who the clock is ticking, and must either make a choice to be immortal himself, or make a choice and live a life that does not include this world.”

That said, Guillén understands that fans are interested in every development and want more.“It’s a really tough situation to be in, and it’s a fork in the road. Even when I’m reading the scripts, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen? ‘ Because it’s a slow burn with them. And I think people are like, ‘No, do something! Be together or don’t be together or say something!’ Or does one of you disagree? Or maybe it’s not even love like that? Maybe it’s love between two men, and We normalize that two men love each other without sexualizing it? That could be a possibility. It’s just, what is it? I think everyone’s just eager to know, like, ‘Say- us what it is!'”

Guillermo has evolved as a character but he’s not a victim – and that’s important“It’s important to feel that you’re being represented and to feel that you’re encouraging a character who isn’t the victim, that their queer story doesn’t define how tragic the outcome of their lives is. Because that we’ve seen for so long in the media, in the way queer people are portrayed, and it’s very black and white. You’re either fabulous and best friend and over the top, or you’re like, ‘Oh , he got out and then, tragically, they killed him. It’s been so black and white for so long. It’s not the world we live in, and it’s certainly not the lifestyle and life that is led by our queer brothers and sisters. I’ve always said, everyone on the show, the characters are weird, but vampires, they have nothing to lose. They could cut your heart, bite you, or break your neck. There is no fear. The difference with Guillermo is that he doesn’t talk about sexuality. He has this fear that has been placed on him by society, this fear that has been placed on him perhaps by his culture, his upbringing. There’s the fear that we all overcome to be authentic ourselves, and that’s why it’s so liberating when this opportunity presents itself.

Guillermo stays because this “group of assholes” is his family: “Even though Guillermo has his own dreams and aspirations, he has become a monster, in the sense that Nandor is helpless. He could be ‘The Relentless’, as he never gives in, but may not be the smartest in some scenarios, where he needs a human like Guillermo to get him out of a pickle. And that’s why he sticks around. Remember, he walked away from home at the end of season two and decided to go back and save them. He could have left them. He owes them nothing. They think they owe him a life of immortality because he wants to be a vampire, and they never seen it all the way, and they promised .problem.’ He places himself in the middle of a room of vampires to save the group of assholes he’s come to love and make his chosen family for over a decade.

Guillermo isn’t too bad, but he’s getting more and more understanding of how to play the game (and his housemates)“I like the idea that we’re introducing a Machiavellian approach to his technique because he tried so many things over ten years: he tried to do things by the rules, he tried to play by the rules and he They say the good guys finish last, and he begins to realize that modesty is a virtue, but in this world modesty can hurt you. gotta, you gotta get paid a certain salary, you deserve a promotion The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and for so long he’s been so submissive that they fired him, like, ‘Never mind, you’ll always be the.’ And I see that, unfortunately, in many other professions.”

Created by Jemaine Clement and produced by FX Productions, What we do in the shadows stars Kayvan Novak like Nandor, Natasia Demetriou like Nadja, Matt Berry like Laszlo, Marc Proksch like Colin Robinson, and Harvey Guillén like Guillermo. Clement, Waititi and Paul Sims serve as executive producers for What we do in the shadowsnext to Scott Rudin, Garrett Basch, Eli Bushand Stefani Robinson.

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