Who’s up and who’s down after the loss to the Cowboys

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ESNY presents Giants Stock Report for Big Blue’s Week 15 loss.

Another year, another season with double-digit losses for the Giants. This is the fifth consecutive campaign of its kind – what a disastrous half a decade it has been in East Rutherford.

On Sunday, in front of the many fans (Cowboys) of MetLife Stadium, the Giants lost their tenth game of the year by a score of 21-6. It was another problem-filled performance for offense and quarterback Mike Glennon. Even Joe Judge – Mr. Optimistic – is probably not satisfied.

However, there are actually several players who have portrayed positive moments, believe it or not. Various people’s stocks are up despite the loss, but on the other hand, there are other players who have little to cheer about.

What does the Giants Stock Report look like after this loss?

Who is standing

Jake fromm

Yes, the third-string quarterback’s stock is increasing – that’s how poor this game was for the Giants.

Jake Fromm made his first regular season appearance in the NFL on Sunday. He just joined the squad earlier this month and has primarily been a replacement for Mike Glennon in Daniel Jones’ absence.

Late in the game, the sophomore picked up a struggling Glennon and completed six of 12 passes for 82 yards. He nearly threw as many yards as Glennon (99) and the veteran backup had twice as many attempts.

With Jones’ status for the last three games unclear, there’s a chance Fromm sees a notable role moving forward.

Could the former Georgia Bulldog potentially start next week?

Defense of the Giants

The unit allowed up 21 points but held on for much of the day.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys only crossed the plane twice – the defense held Dallas to a field goal on three different possessions despite the Big Blue offense not removing much pressure.

The Giants only allowed Dak to throw for 217 yards and a touchdown and also contained Ezekiel Elliott (16 carries, 52 yards) for much of the day. Star wide receiver Amari Cooper also caught just two balls for eight yards.

I know trying to find some positives in the aftermath of this debacle can be compared to surgery, but the Giants’ defense, in a way, bounced back from their disastrous Week 14 performance (New York a lost 37-21 to the Chargers).

Who is down

Will hernandez

I’m not sure Will Hernandez is someone the Giants will re-sign when his rookie contract expires at the end of the season.

The starting right keeper awarded quarterback Demarcus Lawrence a hit that led to an interception on New York’s first offensive possession. After this game, Dallas gained new momentum thanks to a touchdown from Elliott.

Due to his inconsistencies on the pitch, Hernandez might not be the Giants’ long-term answer inside the offensive line. Expect Big Blue to potentially let him walk during the next free agency period.

Mike glennon

Why did Dave Gettleman insist on replacing Colt McCoy with Mike Glennon last offseason?

The substitute veteran journeyman is unable to win games and was horrible in his third straight start on Sunday. Glennon completed 13 of 24 shots for just 99 yards, no touchdowns and three picks.

He looked distraught on one of the interceptions…

Is it time for Glennon to sit on the sidelines, regardless of Daniel Jones’ pending status?

The Giants Marketing Team

This franchise is one of the worst in the league since 2017.

He has lost 56 games since the start of this campaign.

It hasn’t provided fans with anything to be proud of in the past half-decade.

And on “Fan Appreciation Day,” the only thing that organization’s marketing team came up with was to give season ticket holders a free medium – yes, medium – fountain soft drink.

Not a swimsuit, not a hat, not even a tote bag of sorts.

A free average Pepsi.

I have no words.

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